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Robotic valet offers 'green parking' option
"The Trevi system is ingenious. One big silo, 72' across, is dug up to 9 levels deep with clearances of 18" to the side of a building, allowing it to be located in the most cramped of urban environments. A rotating mechanical platform is installed inside the silo which acts like a robotic valet, taking your car underground and shelving it in one of 108 slots. When you watch the video, it looks unbelievably high-tech, but in fact the system has been around for over 17 years with 20 installed and 30 planned systems throughout Europe. And the failure rate is essentially zero."

Evaluation of the Trevipark Automated Parking System (Cerf Report, #40575)
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CEITEC, an innovation center of CERF, serves as a clearing house for implementing innovation by conducting nationally-focused, collaborative evaluations of new products and technologies to serve the engineering and construction industries. This evaluation was performed on the TREVIPARK automated parking system. It is developed, designed, and supplied by TREVI S.p.A. headquartered in Cesena, Italy. The TREVIPARK system consists of a cylindrical enclosure with a central elevator system to park and store vehicles in a radial pattern. This proprietary system is intended to provide safe and secure parking for lower cost, smaller site and space requirements, less retrieval time, and other advantages. This report describes a CEITEC evaluation designed to determine the benefits and limitations of TREVIPARK for use as a technically-viable automated vehicle parking system. The evaluation focused on data collection, site inspections, and analysis.

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