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Robotic Parking System Construction

Silo Superstructure and Infrastructure

Retaining or soil support structure:
The underground retaining cylindrical shell structure of the silo consists of a plain or reinforced concrete diaphragm wall; in order to obtain a wall that reacts in form conditions, it is constructed using one of the following, well understood methodologies. The method used depends on the logistics of the work site:

  1. BORED SECANT PILES WITH CASING DRIVING (diameter 700 – 1000 mm) placed at a center distance of approximately 0.5m to form a diaphragm wall with a minimum thickness of 0.4m. The secant piles are installed using a rig fitted with combined rotaries, one for the tool and one for the guide casing. The aim is to ensure the required rigidity for control of the tool direction and resulting verticality.
  2. DIAPHRAGM WALL CONSTRUCTED USING THE ‘TRENCHER’ TECHNIQUE (continuous pour – no joints), with a minimum thickness of 0.45m.
  3. CONTINUOUS DIAPHRAGM WALL MADE OF CONCRETE reinforced with airtight joint, cast in situ and performed by means of drilling mud. Minimum thickness equal to 0.50m.

Secant Piling

Foundation slab in the presence of underground water:
In the presence of underground water, the sizing of the foundation slab can be based on the following considerations:

  1. Passive drainage
    A passive drainage system is created to keep the bottom slab free from hydraulic underpressure. The piezometric level surrounding the structure is not lowered, but the small amount of water that reaches the drainage system after traversing the bottom impermeable layer is expelled. The method is viable when the diaphragm wall is installed in a cohesive substrate with low permeability, with the lower edge at a suitable depth at which a state of balance is created between the overlying soil and the hydraulic pressure. In other conditions, artificial systems (bottom plug) must be used to ensure the permissible soil permeability both for the construction processes and optimization of the foundation structure.
  2. Arc effect
    The compact size of the structure allows the arc effect to be established in the artificial bottom plug and allows the stresses due to the hydraulic under-pressure to be discharged by displacement in the external diaphragm wall. This method is viable since, thanks to the techniques used to install the cylindrical shell as described previously in the BORED SECANT PILE section, friction can be generated between the slab and the wall by installing the engaging ring at the bottom of the diaphragm.

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Internal structure and car park floors

The internal structure is constructed by assembling the prefabricated reinforced concrete elements comprising the floors of the car park on the bottom slab. The individual elements are connected vertically by steel bars to transmit the vertical and shearing stresses, and horizontally by supplementary in-situ concrete. The roof comprises a solid reinforced concrete slab cast in-situ that bonds all the prefabricated elements of the highest floor. The internal structure is not stressed by loads transmitted by the external support structure and should be regarded as an independent building erected inside the cylinder.

The steel support and guide elements for handling and parking the vehicles are assembled on the various levels of the car park.

Automated Parking Silo under construction

General description of tower:
The load-bearing structure, fitted with traction and guide devices, rests on a rotating hinge (pinion on bearings), which centers the tower and takes up the errors in the confining structure. The upper constraint is integrated in the traction system and consists of friction wheels, which engage a circular track in reinforced concrete, built directly into the civil works.

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