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Parking System Overview
The PerfectPark™ Automated Parking Garage System utilizes a cylindrical design in a multi-level silo. Each level consists of 12 parking spaces. The system can be up to nine levels deep accommodating 108 vehicles.

For more details on the automated garage system, please see our section on the parking system overview


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Why use PerfectPark™
The primary reason you are visiting this site is to solve a parking problem in a development with little footprint for parking. While there are many other applications, this section will deal with space-constrained developments. Below are four key reasons for choosing a PerfectPark™ Robotic Parking Garage System

  • Versatility and Cost
  • Environment
  • Aesthetics
  • Safety
Automated Parking Systems

holds the exclusive rights to market and sell the PerfectPark™ Automatic Parking Structure System worldwide.

PerfectPark's experienced staff have decades of expertise in Property Development, Construction, Industrial Processes and Marketing

Automated Parking Systems Automated Parking Systems

How does PerfectPark™ compare on cost?

PerfectPark™ Delivers on Cost!
If your development has limited space and you are considering an underground parking solution, in most cases our system will cost less. Not only will it cost less, you will will enjoy the additional benefits of a better parking experience. In many cases you may be able to increase the size of your development. See the 60 second video below.

The key take away is:
If your development project faces parking challenges, then talk to us about a PerfectPark™ Automated Parking Garage.

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